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As you may remember, all the photographs in my blog disappeared for ages. When it first happened, Daniel done everything he could to figure out why. I then asked him to contact Wix, the host site. I suggested that he should talk to them as he would have some idea of what they were on about when it came to explaining things. He clicked on the option for a call-back in the help section on their website. A member of the customer service team then called. Daniel included me in the conversation by pressing a button on his mobile. I think it’s called ‘conference call’. I wouldn’t know how to do that, though I’m sure it’s probably really easy to do.

Credit where it’s due; they called back within three minutes, as they did on every subsequent occasion. However, getting anything done was more challenging. Each call was from a call centre either in Central America, Mexico or either central or west coast USA. As a result, the English was very easy to understand, though there was one bloke in the US who thought that ‘British English’ is a language! I laughed and corrected him. “There is no such thing as ‘British English’. There is only English and American or American English. English is called so because it is the language of the English!” It appears that there are people in the United States who think that they founded the English language! American is a bastardisation of English. I was once told that it was due to illiteracy of the immigrants. Maybe, but if so, how come Australians can speak English? They were mostly illiterate convicts. Strange, but anyway, I’m digressing.

So, to start with, Daniel and I were being blamed for deleting my entire photograph folder. We admitted that we had been sorting through the photos, but at no point was there any indication that removing photos from the folder would subsequently delete the photos from the blog posts. On no other site that I’ve ever heard of does that happen. Normally, if an action effects other parts of the site, there is a clear warning, giving the user the opportunity to cancel the potentially damaging action.

Regardless of who was to blame, we were told that Wix would restore all the missing photos, as a “one-off courtesy” (bloody cheek), but the photos would automatically load into the ‘trash’ folder. Even so, they would also reappear in the relevant posts without the need to re-establish them manually. This did not happen. Over the next few months, we were told all sorts. There was always a different excuse to explain what had gone wrong. They claimed that they had successfully restored the photos, then they said that they hadn’t started the process. Photos would appear, then disappear. Sometimes, the photos would appear in the wrong posts. Finally, after speaking to some sort of manager, it was admitted that Wix were to blame. I don’t understand the technology, but it appears that some-one had pressed the wrong button or failed to complete an action correctly. Something to do with data input. The jargon was lost on me, though I believe Daniel got the gist of what went wrong. I asked about compensation. I was offered, and accepted, an additional six months free hosting. Not enough in my opinion.

Eventually, the photographs reappeared, but not in the ‘trash’ folder. They have only reappeared in their correct positions and posts. No idea why. At least they’re there and so the reading experience is as it should be.

But then I began to notice that a number of the videos weren’t working! Rather than waste more time dealing with Wix, and as there aren’t so many, (there are around 2,000 photos), we simply re-uploaded the missing videos.

Everything should now be as it should be. If you spot anything missing, wrong, or any other issues, please let me know.

Believe it or not, I have researched hosting sites and allegedly Wix are the best!!! If they are the best, some of the others must be unusable! They are awful. I found a forum site for Wix. It was hundreds of pages of complaints and how crap Wix is.

Despite the free six months of hosting as compensation, I intend to move to another hosting site. have had nothing but problems with Wix from the start. We are researching other hosting sites and how to go about transferring the entire blog to another site. We are looking at WordPress. Apparently, they are good for the written word; blogs, etc. I think Wix is more geared to business; making money. It does seem to be money orientated. I’d be interested in any advice and personal experience with hosting sites you may have.

In a nutshell, Wix is crap. I recommend that anyone who is looking for a hosting site, avoid Wix at all costs!

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