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Ouch!! I done it again! I hit my finger with a heavy hammer. Well, I say a hammer; it was actually the back of a hand axe. With the smaller logs that ideally could be split, using the heavy axe is a bit over the top, so I often use an old axehead, which I hit with the back of a hand axe. One good twat does the job easily. Only, on this occasion, for whatever reason, I hit my finger. It hurt! I was bouncing around all over the place as the air went blue. It took me a while to regain the use of my hand. The trouble is; when I hit something, I don’t tickle it, I proper hit it. My finger swelled. For a bit I thought I had broken it. It took three days for the swelling to go down. The bruising lasted much longer.

One morning, as I was returning from the woods with a bundle of foraged firewood, I spotted a woman with children litter picking the car park and field alongside where I’m parked. I stopped and chatted for a while. Litter picking that car park is a thankless task. They were doing a better job than I’d ever seen the council workers do. They were getting into some of the undergrowth. The council workers would never do that. They would only ever do a token pick. When I had spoken to the council workers about doing a proper job, I was told that it was against Health and Safety regulations to pick anything that was not lying on the surface within easy reach.

Later on, a St. John’s ambulance pulled up in front of my caravan. The crew, two lovely ladies, came up for a chat. It appears that one of the people who regularly pops by to see how I’m getting on, often leaving a little shopping with me, had been in touch with them. I had mentioned that I was supposed to have yearly blood tests since having had heart attacks, but had not done so for over a year as I was 350 miles from my GP and had found registering with a local doctor difficult. The registration papers were several pages long and invasive. In fact, some of the rhetoric was even unlawful! Anyway, the St. John’s ambulance ladies said that they would get me registered with a local doctor.

That evening as I was working on my caravan atop my ladder, I was treated to a lovely sunset.

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