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A beautiful unicorn faerie

Updated: Dec 22, 2020

I have been asked, “What is a beautiful unicorn faerie?”

Unicorn faeries are very rare. I know a lot of faeries and pixies, but I only know one unicorn faerie. Her name is Nikki.

Nikki is a magical being. She has the gift of bringing calm to any situation. I’ve seen her flutter into the midst of angry men who are about to go to war against each other and bring the situation to such a level that by the time she has fluttered by the war has been forgotten and all are best of mates. She has a presence of peace. She can spot a situation a mile off. She will then flutter by and thereby avert any confrontation.

She can also be naughty. She can sometimes be a bit of a flirt. She will flutter around ‘all ever so innocently’. When we first met, she tried something similar around me. After a while she stopped and said, “It doesn’t work on you, does it.”

I laughed and said, “No.”

She said, “No. You’re a Wizard, aren’t you.”

Mark, her now husband and one half of Zetan Spore ( just rolled up. He found the whole scene very funny.

I believe that Nikki made the clothes, etc. herself.

Zetan Spore are twins Mark and Ian, a psy-trance outfit based in Cornwall who have quite a fan base all over the world. I’ve seen them play in front of a dozen people and I’ve seen them play in front of huge crowds. Every gig is brilliant. They love what they do and always give 100%. They never stop smiling.

I first really got to know them after we met at a Waveform festival.

Since then, we’ve become great friends. I’ve spent beautiful days going for a walk with them, they dedicated a song to me at a steampunk gig we were at that also happened to be on my birthday and the handfasting of Mark and Nikki was a lovely day in the grounds of the lodge park where Nikki works as a masseuse; described as a holistic massage therapist.

All photographs are courtesy of Nikki bar one which is courtesy of Zetan Spore.

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