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A close call

I don’t know if you noticed my Facebook post the other day ( There was a close call. Originally, I thought it was Rowan, but soon realised it was probably Arian, but couldn’t stop worrying until Rowan got home.

What happened was....

I was getting some old offcuts of carpet out of the truck to lay on the ground behind my caravan where I’m working on the new rear panel below the light-board (It’s softer for my poor old knees.), when I heard a thud. I looked up and saw one of the cats shoot out from in front of my caravan, clearly shaken, run into the hedge and bolt across the field to the woods. I didn’t get to notice which one. At the same time, I heard a car pull away from the very spot the cat had appeared from. I immediately realised what had happened. She, “probably Rowan”, had been hit by the car. Fortunately, the car was not going at any real speed. There was no screech of tyres and no howl of pain. Whoever it was clearly had no serious injury, judging by the speed she was running.

I dropped the carpet and rushed over the fence and across the field, calling. A few minutes went by before Arian appeared behind me. From that, I took it that it couldn’t have been her. I continued to call Rowan. I called for ages, but no sign of her. I trudged back with Arian, thinking logically that she is probably spooked and will be back in due course.

I was sat with Arian stroking her when I noticed that she had a tuft of hair missing from between her shoulders. I realised that it must have been Arian who had been hit. She must have circled round. Which would mean that Rowan is off on one of her jaunts or asleep in a tree. The trouble is that I didn’t know for certain, so me being me, I worried for hours!

Some hours later, I spotted Rowan. She didn’t want to come home. I played with her for a bit, along with Arian, just to be sure that they were both fine. I left them playing in the field to get back to work. Shortly after, they disappeared off into the woods.

It is my biggest worry; that one or the other does come a cropper. They have grown up on the road and have developed really good road sense. They’re not daft, I know, but I can’t help but worry.

The next morning, there was somebody at the door. It was an American fellow; a nice friendly bloke who lives locally. He walks his dogs past every day. He handed me a £10 note saying, “This is your’s.”

I said, “Why are you giving me this?”

He said, “I found it by your truck.”

“Put it in your pocket then!” I exclaimed.

“No.” he said, “It’s your’s. It’s your territory.”

I thought, “Territory? It must be an American term.” Then again, “He had been in the air force.”

In the end, I gratefully accepted the gift.

The next day, I discovered Rowan’s latest ‘nest’. She’s found a very comfy niche in a tree. I took the opportunity to take some photos. Arian came, too.

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2 commentaires

Wizard Steve
Wizard Steve
09 sept. 2020

Thank you. It’s a constant worry.


So happy both your little ones are fine. I would have been worried too if it was one of mine.

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