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A lovely birthday

Updated: Oct 19, 2022

It’s been a very busy time for me lately. The work on the caravan is coming along. For a few days, I had to live with no kitchen, as well as no window in the kitchen, no glass in the window at the headboard end of my bedroom and of course, no door. The cooker sat on the burner - just, so, I was still able to use it, but not the burner, which was inconvenient when it rained. I like to have the burner going when it is damp as it keeps the dampness at bay, and I like to keep warm; I really feel the cold more since the heart attacks.

By the time I had finished for the day, I was too tired to think about writing, though it had been on my mind.

The cooker is now back where it should be and is looking great. (I’ll save that photo for another time!😉)

In the meantime, I have had a birthday. Generally speaking, birthdays tend to come and go and I don’t really notice them. This one, however, was lovely. Michael decided that as he hasn’t seen me on my birthday for yay-many years he was going to be with me on this one.

Well, what a surprise! He gave me a beautiful card; a black cat sitting with a spell book under a Full Moon. It was also a Full Moon on my birthday. I love the title of the other book, too.

Michael’s girlfriend also baked an amazing birthday cake. It was made with almonds, rose petals and lemon drizzle. It was fantastic; really tasty.

Stuart passed by at some point and discovered that it was my birthday. On his way back past me later, he stopped and presented me a birthday gift. It is brilliant and incredibly thoughtful.

I know exactly where that will be going!

Daniel has been ace, too. He’s been turning up in all his spare time to help me with my build. I suspect he’s enjoying the creativity of the task! He’s certainly enthusiastic. He bought me a lovely set of attachments for my cordless tools.

My mum and my siblings clubbed together to pay for a jigsaw. A lovely bit of kit it is, too.

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