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A misty morning walk

Before heading on, I thought that it would be a good idea to go for a walk. With all the recent back problems, I thought a short walk would help to get some movement back in my back; a bit of exercise.

I headed along the North Downs Way footpath. Beech are the vast majority of trees lining the path.

Before long, a junction appeared. The North Downs Way turns right. Ahead is a metal fence with a gate. Through which, a footpath continues onto the grounds of Godmersham Park.

A short distance on, the house itself, sometimes called Godmersham Hall, appears. It is a Grade 1 listed Georgian house. Jane Austen’s brother, Edward, inherited the house in 1794. Jane Austen often stayed there and her novel, Mansfield Park, is likely based on Godmersham Park. An airship was stationed there during the Great War (WWI). Today, it is used as a training college by the Association of British Dispensing Opticians. It is also depicted on the current Bank of England £10 note.

The footpath ahead becomes a private access route.

The public footpath turns right and up onto the down.

At the top of the path is a great view looking across to Godmersham Downs with the house nestled in the valley.

The footpath then bears right past a row of Silver Birch.

Past a small ha-ha, a boundary fence with a Rosehip hedge runs along the edge of Ridge Wood.

A stye marks the spot where the footpath continues on off of Godmersham Park to rejoin the North Downs Way. I turned right taking the path back towards Chilham.

Western Hemlock is in abundance along this section of the path.

I met a couple, Sandy and Mary, along this section. They were doing the same walk, but in the opposite direction. We stood chatting for ages. Unfortunately, the standing around caused me much discomfort in my back before too long. It was lovely chatting, though.

Continuing on, broad-leaf trees took precedence again. The path drops and becomes treacherous. A gully runs down the middle of the path, no doubt caused by rainfall eroding the topsoil. It probably doesn’t help that trails bikes regularly go off-roading through there, too.

At the bottom of the hill, I rejoined the path back to my caravan.

A while later, Sandy and Mary stopped by for a cup of tea as they passed by.

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What an amazing adventure you took it’s absolutely beautiful I do hope the walk helped your back a bit x

Wizard Steve
Wizard Steve
Mar 09, 2023
Replying to

Travel broadens the mind. Don’t be jealous. Enjoy what you do x

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