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A new doorstep

I looked at the new door in the new doorway and thought, “There’s something wrong.”

It was staring me in the face. The door wasn’t fully framed. I needed a wider doorstep.

I measured up, chose an appropriate length of wood and cut it to size. I then marked out the shape of the step to match the line of the skirt. Then shaved and sanded. Once I was happy, I stained the wood.

I removed the flashing from the doorstep,* then fitted the new doorstep.

After filling and sanding to blend in the bodywork to the woodwork....

I gave the step a final coat of stain and touched up the paint.

I then found some ali. suitable for the wider flashing, cut and shaped to fit over the new doorstep. I also had to flatten the metal, first.

I fitted the flashing...


And painted.

*see entry A new doorway

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