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A pest

Updated: Jan 16, 2023

I thought I’d just tell you this:

(I know I’m not telling you about the cats; I’m not ready to face that yet. Don’t worry, I will. I just need a little more time to be at peace with what happened.)

I was recently told that I am a pest!


For sharing my friends’ art!

Now, I’m not one of these people who has to ‘share’ every barking notion on a number of ludicrous things, nor do I inundate my friends with pointless icons and inane jokes. I like to think that if I send something, it will be genuinely interesting or funny. Sometimes important shit that one needs be acquainted with and my friends’ creativity. Practically all of which were sent me in the first place. Even then, I tend to pick and choose to whom I send them.

So.... pest?

I apologised.

So, here, I get to plug my friends’ art!

I checked back to see exactly what I had been pestering about. Good stuff, actually; some written words, a singer-songwriter and an artisan. I had sent the following over a period of nine days:

(Hopefully, they work)

To tell you something about them;

Morag is a lovely friend. She is very intuitive, bright and intelligent. She has beautiful sparkly eyes. She is also knowledgeable, gentle and peaceful. I’ve known Morag a good few years now. We used to go the Crasken parties when they were still good. We’ve had a good few nights! I love her dearly.

Give her work a read if you’re interested. It’s well read.

Irish John! Irish John. What can I tell you about Irish John?! He is some-one I love. I could write a lot about the highs, in particular (the lows are so few that I’m struggling to think of any!)

John is a wonderful, gentle, beautiful being. He is an amazing musician. He is a singer-songwriter who also plays a mean bass.

I met John in Falmouth. If I remember, he turned up at my mate’s place with a bloke who immediately got christened Pete the Mouth due to his incessant talking and his name is Pete. John got called Irish John due to the fact his name is John and he’s from Ireland. Ingenious.

I’m sure you’ll meet John in a story sooner or later. If not, remind me.

Anyway, if it’s your bag and you’re interested, give him a listen. See what you think.

Thank you.

Tim’s truffles were what did it. I can see how my pestered friend may have seen it as just advertising, but it genuinely was sent specifically due to the fact that it was hand-made goodies that were full of energy, not unlike the amazing healing goodness they themselves create.

Maybe, I’m in the wrong, maybe not. Either way, I apologised. It is never my intention to invade.

Tim. Tim is a very peaceful man. He is very learned. Tim is a man who leaves an impression whenever I meet him.

I’m not suggesting that you should purchase anything from anyone, by the way! Just look at the stuff that’s free; and only if you wish to!

If you do, enjoy!


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