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A quick catch up

I thought I would just update you on the progress of the work on the caravan.

There’s not much to tell, really. It’s laborious. Around the edge of the sidewalls of all caravans are awning rails. In this case, the rail on the nearside had long since been mangled. Not by me, I hasten to add. The damage was just one of the many issues that came with the caravan when I bought it. Incredibly, those awning rails also form part of the stitching that holds the walls to the rest of the structure. The rail looked crap and ugly, so I decided to improve it’s look. I started by using a really coarse body filler putty. It’s great for shaping and moulding. It’s like sculpting with clay, except that it goes hard quickly. I lagged on a load and sculpted it to the basic shape. I then sanded down the rough, then laid a second coat, bridging any troughs. I then went back over with a sander. Next was a medium grade putty. I spread that over the surface, creating a smoother finish. After sanding back to the finished contour, I then moved on to the fine grade finishing putty, filling in all the tiny little holes and blemishes. Failure to do so becomes as obvious as a lighthouse when it comes to painting!

The wall was full of dinks and dents, so that was also done.

At some point before it came to me, the fridge had been removed. The apertures for the air vents were covered using some alli.

I removed them....

then cleaned the area and closed the gap with some ply.

The next stage is going to involve living without a door for a bit! Just as well that it’s warm and dry!

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