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A rude awakening

I never heard it, but there was a knock at my door at 7.30 in the morning! I was awoken by the cats getting fidgety. They were obviously aware of the presence of persons lurking. As I was stirring, I gradually became aware of a notice on the front window of my caravan. I struggled into some clothes and my boots to investigate. I immediately became aware that there were a couple of likely looking individuals wearing black nosing about. They were from the Council. I made a bee-line for them. They anticipated me, apologised, took the notice and destroyed it. They mentioned that they had knocked, but there was no answer. I was was like, “Are you kidding!? It’s half-past seven in the frigging morning!“ Apparently, they had had a report that the caravans were all abandoned. I just looked at them and pointed out the obvious clues that might suggest that my caravan is not abandoned. Apparently, they “did wonder”(!) They of course, couldn’t have known it, but I had not got to bed that previous evening until around 3:30 as I had become engrossed in writing an entry of my blog. When I get the urge to write, I write.

After a cup of tea, my medication (an infusion of Nettles, Lime flowers, Lily of the Valley and Hawthorn, sweetened with a spoonful of honey), then another cup of tea, I popped down to the supermarket to get a few bits to keep me and the cats going, spoke to family and chilled for the day.

For the next two days thereafter I just chilled, chopped wood and read.

Eventually, I had to go back to the supermarket. That was stressful! I bought what I needed; just a few things; not a dozen items, but was told that I wasn't allowed to buy more than three items of any one product, so was compelled to leave a tin of sardines behind! I was annoyed. It was okay to panic-buy all the bog rolls, but I can't buy a tin of fish for the cats! Talk of shutting stable doors after horses have bolted! What happened to common sense!? The stupid thing is that had the sardines come in packs of four, like the tuna I bought, that would have been okay.

I then discovered that I had forgotten my wallet, so had to traipse home to get it.

I went back and paid for the shopping, then came home to realise that I'd left my keys on the counter when I was loading the shopping bag!

Three fucking times I had to go into that poxy shop!

I was mightily glad to get home once and for all, chop wood and just chill with a book. Which I did throughout the following day, too.

I also spoke to the boys. We’ve got contingency plans in place.

On the Sunday I spent the day with Daniel, had a shower, did laundry, had dinner and set up accounts on Twitter, Instagram and Tumblr, so hopefully will get more subscribers. For some reason, we couldn’t get the link to Tumblr to work (any ideas?) There is also Flickr, Pinterest and LinkedIn to try. I’ve never even so much as looked at any of them until now. I will use them the same way I do the Facebook page.

Then it was home and back to chilling while I sit out this virus pandemic.

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Wizard Steve
Wizard Steve
Apr 02, 2020

It is. I make up all my own medicines. I also make up medicines for anyone who requires/needs/wants them. I don’t charge for them as medicine is a human right and I am also compelled by law to provide them. Lily of the Valley is poisonous, but so are many herbs. It is the dosage that’s important. It is the poison that ‘kills’ the ailment. A little does good, too much can harm. Including water. Water is essential for life, but drink too much of it, you’ll drown


So the tea you drink for medication, is that self made? ive always been led to believe that "Lily of the Valley" is poison to humans.

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