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Beautiful Monday blues

Updated: Oct 19, 2022

Not a good start to the day, today.

I‘ve had problem after problem with the truck the last few days, but I’ve got it with me and have new decent metal drill bits, a new electric fuel pump and a new set of timing pins on the way.

The first thing that happened was a text message from a mate saying that his mother had died overnight.

Barry and I had arranged to go to sort through the rubbish in the garden of the person who wanted us to clear it. The idea being to keep them sweet while the truck was off the road. He would borrow a car so that we could get to the job. However, that didn’t happen because we had lost the job! Absolutely gutted! I had gone out and got a waste carrier’s licence specifically for the job as it was worth potentially £300 and plenty of possible follow-on work.

The Sun was shining. I went out and did some foraging. I cut and chopped loads of wood. I really enjoy chopping wood. It’s good exercise, warms you up and pumps oxygen into your blood cells. It also helps me to meditate. Plus of course, the end result is free heat!

I had been given a tenner, so I walked over to the supermarket. Oh dear! The sheeple had decimated the shelves through panic-buying. The media scaremongering has panicked them into thinking that they were all about to die unless they barricaded themselves in a room for a month shitting themselves so make sure you've got plenty of bog roll! Even some of the decent healthy products had been cleared out. I only wanted four things. There was hardly any offal for the cats; I found some chicken liver, I found a pack of mince; one of only three left, there was no oat milk left; I bought almond milk, but the honey was in plenty!

I got talking to a bloke who was taking advantage of the empty shelves and cleaning the fridges. He was very level-headed, saying things as they are. He was saying that most people will most likely get this Coronavirus thing at some point. Of course, I’m also high risk due to my heart condition. Oh well. If it’s going to get me, it will get me. I doubt it, though. I may have a weak heart, but I do have a good constitution and live in fresh air, on an industrial estate, so I don’t see anyone, let alone have contact with anyone.

I made a huge pan of a sort of chilli con carne mix with plenty of beans, peppers, garlic, ginger, spices, fennel and even echinacea and hawthorn. I’ll have some money tomorrow, so will get some chillies. There’s enough to last a week. I’ve also got loads of rice. It should keep the bugs away from me. Either way, it’s delicious!

I recently bought some diatomaceous earth feed supplement. That’s amazing stuff. No bugs, no fleas, no worms, etc.

I also made some cannabutter with half a pound of goat’s butter. Very oily, very potent. Once I’d squeezed out the butter from the mash as best I could, I tied a string around the cheesecloth to create a tight ball-shaped bag and put it in with my rice water. I got a lot of oil on my fingers as I was squeezing the butter into a bowl. Of course I had to lick them!

Then, to cap it all, there was a beautiful Sunset!

I’ve been thinking about what I need to fix the doorway. This is what I’ve come up with:

3m x 1x1

9m x 2x1

4m x 3x2

1m x 5x3

1m x 7x2



I’ve got all the fixings I need other than the correct door hinges. I can get them off an old caravan. The National Caravan Breakers in Wales have some.

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