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Damage repairs

I have had a difficult time of things of late. It’s mostly been about damage repairs. The other day in particular was very windy. At one point, the wind got hold of the kitchen window I was working on. I left it for a moment to check the aperture it is destined for and watched in horror as the window clattered onto the pavement. I was taken by surprise as I had deliberately set the window on the table in line with the direction of the wind rather than against it. Amazingly, the wind managed to spin the window and flip it. Fortunately, as the glass is toughened, it didn’t break. However, it did damage the frame. I managed to salvage it. I had to sand it back and carefully reshape, build it back up and restain.

The small opening window that is a part of the bedroom window at the headboard end ended up having to be taken apart as I had completely cocked it up. The more I tried to remedy the problem, the worse it became. I also realised that I was using completely the wrong type of hinges. I had fitted butt hinges instead of flush hinges. I need flush hinges as I cannot recess the butt hinges into the lintel above the window.

Taking it apart was not easy as I had done such a good job of building it!

There was also damage to the internal doorframe which resulted from something falling against it. The door also had a dent in it. No idea how. I can only put it down to clutter. I have limited space. It doesn’t help that I have only an old table for a work station, either. Still, it’s getting there.

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