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Financial merry-go-round, councillors and very naughty cats!

Updated: Jan 16, 2023

Still working on truck and skint.

Spent money I haven't got to get parts for the truck because I need the truck to earn the money to pay for the parts I've bought to fix the truck!

I need to find £120 by Monday afternoon! So time is rapidly running out.

Met the local councillors. They were litter picking along the hedges. Had a bit of a chat. They noticed how clean it was around me. I even sweep the pavement where I'm parked! Basically because of the mess I make chopping and sawing wood on my doorstep, to be fair.

Website completed as far as the skills of mostly my son, Daniel’s extend. He has a damn sight more patience than I. Looks good. I hope you like it.

Cats are in my bad books this evening. I'm very angry with them! I'm refusing to cuddle them tonight! They knocked a bag of full bottles over to pull down the flimsy door to get to my supply of meat for my consumption! They ate a succulent pork chop bought from arguably the best butcher in this town who really knows his meat. (He can trace everything he sells to individual farms, so knows how they are treated when living.) So that basically left me having to make do with eggs and beans! I'm not happy! However, I am stoned and I do love them!

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