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Frustrating halt

Frustratingly, everything has now come to a halt. It is glorious sunshine from dawn ‘til dusk and I’m sat here twiddling my thumbs. I can’t get on with what I was doing as I’ve run out of the protective wood stain I was using. Unfortunately, no-one stocks that particular stain around these parts. I can’t change products partway through as the finish result would be awful and I’m not about to sand it all off in order to start again with a different stain. I did manage to find somewhere that deals with the product company. They have ordered the stain I need. However, it’s going to be a week before it arrives.

I need a small sheet of aluminium to repair the damage to the rear of my caravan. As yet, I have not found anything. So, I can’t get on with that, either.

I can’t get the truck fixed as I can’t afford the parts. The thing I put on Facebook offering to fix things, etc. has not garnered much work.

Net result: nothing to do.

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