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Going for a walk

On the Saturday, the rain had cleared and the Sun shone. A walk was in order. Besides anything else, it would help with the bereavement.

To start with, I headed across the Firehills until I reached the village of Fairlight Cove. I was surprised at how short a distance it is. I thought it was further. It was a long time ago that I last walked across those hills. My memory clearly doesn’t serve me so well! I had no interest in entering the village, so skirted it and made my way back along a different path.

Crossing the car park, I headed into Warren Quarry. Sandstone was once quarried there, a local source for building material.

I continued down into Warren Glen. The path is steep and treacherous in places.

Along the way, I spotted some ceps. There were quite a few. Later, I picked some which I had for breakfast the following day. They were delicious!

The path carried on steeply down through Fairlight Glen to the beach. I chose not to. I haven’t done any real walking in three years and was also acutely aware of the climb back up!

So I turned along the path that continued back up.

There were a number of Sweet Chestnuts alongside the path, all heavily laden with nuts.

Back up towards the Firehills there are cracking views looking West. Beachy Head can be seen in the far distance.

Eventually, I passed by the coastguard station, under which is a WWII military bunker, before arriving back at my caravan.

I then popped into the Bale House; a new building, though I don’t know how long it has been there. The building is made using straw bales. Inside are some information boards about the area, toilets and a little café. I was shocked at the prices, though. I had plumped for a cup of tea and a piece of cake. However, when I was told the cost of a piece of cake, I asked if a half slice could be bought. “No.” was the answer. I said that I couldn’t afford the cake, so would make do with just the tea, as pricey as it is. The proprietor then said that I could have the cake at half price. I thanked him and chose one. As I went to pay, the proprietor interceded saying that I didn’t need to pay at all! “Wow.” I said, “Thank you!” It was really busy that day and they were short-staffed. As a result, everything was being served in/on paper cups/plates.

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2 comentários

Loved those pics of your fairlight walk. Lovely to meet you yesterday Steve and how amazing the cafe man was generous. 💜

Wizard Steve
Wizard Steve
09 de out. de 2022
Respondendo a

Likewise. I'm sorry we didn’t have more time to chat

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