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Grove Ferry Inn

The Grove Ferry Inn, originally a Georgian manor house , is now a brewery owned inn. The landlord, John, is incredibly welcoming. On arriving, I had said that I would be in for a Sunday roast.* So, after the walk around Stod Marsh, I wandered over. I had thought about eating at around 4 o’clock, but had walked up a hunger. Just as well I did. They had sold out by 3 o’clock!

I choked when I saw the prices. Perhaps though , I’m a bit behind the times and nearly £20 a head is about right. But for some-one who lives frugally, that’s a week’s food! I ordered a pint and said, “I don’t want to know how much it is.” I knew it was going to be ridiculous. After saying that, I wouldn't want to try to run a pub in this day and age. The odds of making a success of it is stacked against you, especially if you're subject to a Tied Lease.

I had a lamb shank. It was perfectly cooked. The meat melted off of the bone. Credit where due. I ended up also having a piece of fudge cake and coffee. I just decided that as I was living in the lap of luxury, I may as well enjoy it!

Once replete, John wandered over. I thanked him for his hospitality and reassured him that the meal was excellent. We chatted briefly. John was genuinely interested in me and my life. I asked him about the pub and said that I would be writing about it. He thanked me. I mentioned that the premises is an inn. So he told me about the accommodation. It sounds lovely. I guess it’ll be easy to check out the details by searching for the Grove Ferry Inn on the internet. If ever you’re that way, pop in and say hello. You can drop my name, too. I’m sure he’d like that.

Before I said my farewells, I popped out to the garden to take some photos. There is a small landing there for boats.

Later, I foraged and chopped some logs.

*see entry Grove Ferry

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