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On the road again - 11 - The South Downs, part 7 - Arundel

Just as the main road begins it’s bypass of Arundel, I turned left onto a road that runs parallel and climbs to the top of town. The road enters the town of Arundel. To the left, are ornamental gardens. A Catholic church stands opposite. A wall begins, enclosing a church and priory. The wall meets another wall that encloses the Norman-built castle. The castle is the home of the Howard family, of Catherine Howard fame; the Duke of Norfolk. The High Street then drops into the town centre.

At the bottom, a mini roundabout lies in front of the bridge over the River Arun. Here, I turned left pass the ruins of a little chapel.

A large car park appears on the right. I pulled in. It was busy. I parked in a coach bay as there were plenty available. We sat there for a couple of hours or so, waiting for it to clear a bit. Due to it’s proximity to the town, it was busy with day-long parking, many, working in town. The cats were chilled and I drank tea.

I waited until I noticed that the road was becoming clear. I wanted to park on the road below the castle. Soon enough, a space long enough in the right spot, became clear. I made for it. I had to turn around first. Fortunately, there is a track that leads to a putting and tennis club close by. It is plenty big enough for me to back down in order to turn around. I then pulled alongside the kerb. I spent a few days there. The car park is closed off overnight.

It rained a lot. I used the toilet facilities in the car park and had a cup of tea in the little café there on the bank of the river. The tide was incredibly high and prone to flooding.

The path on either side of the road is tree-lined. The Autumn leaves added to the beautiful walk along the avenue. The path out runs by an old bridge over a silted river, alongside a stream and pass a fenced off old children’s playground. Eventually, I came to a wetlands centre. Unfortunately, a costly entrance fee was required. I walked on.

A short distance on, I came to Swanbourne Lake. Despite the weather, it was very pleasant. I wandered around the lake, chilling. There is a little tea room in what would originally have been the gatehouse.

I headed back in along the opposite path to that along which I had headed out, pass an old mill, over the old bridge and alongside a stream, entering the avenue passing below the castle.

One day, I went for a walk around town. I did a full circuit. Arundel is a lovely town. There is a beautiful little shopping arcade. I found an amazing organic shop selling a range of ethical products and organic food. Next door is an excellent butcher.

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My only time in Arundel was when I kayaked through it! ... on the River Arun ... from Pulborough to Littlehamton ... My main memory is that the swift ebbing tide on the 20 odd mile journey did most of the work! :) That arcade in Arundel reminds me a bit of the one that used to run through Allder's store in East Croydon, back in the 60's. I wonder if its still there today.

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