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On the road again - 3 - Exmoor, part 2 - Hillsford Bridge

Updated: Apr 6, 2022

The next friend to visit was Dom* ( So, I tacked down while waiting for Rowan to come home. Arian was in. I decided to check on the truck’s oil and water. I opened the bonnet to discover Rowan had found a new hideyhole! She was fast asleep on the battery shelf. I had awoken her. I helped her out and into the truck, finished what I was doing, then we were off, continuing northwards.

Very soon, we were at the end of the road. I backed down the little road on the left just before and parked in the layby opposite Dom’s home. I was glad to see him in. He said that he had seen me pulling into the layby and had wondered whether it was me. He was soon off to Lynton where he has a little delicatessen called The Moorland Pantry. I opted to stay put for the day. He suggested that I might want to park in Combe Park on the other side of the wall. There is a designated parking area there which he said would be fine to use. So, before settling in, I rounded up the cats and made my way into the park.

Later on, I went for a walk towards the lodge, then cut up into the woods, returning back to the parking area. A few cars had turned up by the time I got back.

Hillsford Bridge used to be called Hillsford Bridges as there were two bridges there. That was until one night in 1952 when one of the bridges was swept away by the huge surge of water that went on to claim the lives of 34 people in the Lynmouth Flood.

The next day, I went into town with Dom. He presented me with a lovely cup of CBD infused coffee. He remarked on the number of older patrons who enjoyed that particular coffee. “Far more than younger people.” I sat and read an article in a magazine featuring Dom’s shop and chatted to an array of locals who popped in the shop through the day. I also took a stroll around town in the afternoon.

I met a number of Dom’s friends, we sat listening to music and those who did, played instruments, we toked and chatted in the evenings. I met some wonderful people. One gave me a parking badge for the park I was parked in. I ended up staying there for about a week or so. I met Dom’s partner on the farming side of his business. He and Dom make up wonderful food hampers that are very popular. I went with Dom to see to the hens, pigs and sheep he rears, too. All the produce in Dom’s shop is grown/reared organically by him. He is also an amazing cook, making pies and cakes for the shop which sell very quickly! We went to a local organic brewery to collect the mash, which is fed to the pigs. The beer is great!

*see entry Arian and Rowan, part 7 ...

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5 commentaires

hello there,stumbled on your blog page from support vanlifers on FB. Ive just looked through briefly but hoping to start with your 1st blog and follow your journey. All the best Jayne

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Thanks 🙏


Another great post Steve!

will be sure to check out the moorland pantry next time I’m down that way!

The lynmouth floods was the first time I heard the term “geo engineering “ mentioned-apparently the floods were the result of the MOD experimenting with weather manipulation?

scary stuff if it’s true!!

Wizard Steve
Wizard Steve
15 mars 2022
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Thanks. Be sure to say hi to Dom from me when you do.

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