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On the road again - 5 - Mendip Hills, part 1 - Cheddar Gorge

Updated: May 2, 2022

I took the main road from Glastonbury to Wells and continued through the city following the A39. On the outskirts, I took a left turn, followed by a right to pick up a lane that took me up and onto the Mendip Hills. I was surprised by how little there is by way of laybys. I kept going until we reached a crossroads, where I turned left and followed that road towards Cheddar. From about three miles from the town the road descends through the largest gorge in England. There are a few places to pull over. I picked one that did for a couple of nights.

The gorge is a little under 450’ deep. Within the caves there, the oldest complete human skeleton was found, as well as other remains dating back around 13,000 years. The caves are a very popular tourist attraction. The gorge was formed around 1.2m years ago. It is not uncommon to see goats and sheep.

These are Soay sheep.

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