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On the road again - 8 - Pewsey Vale, part 4 - The Sanctuary

Updated: Sep 13, 2022

I had been here about ten days and it was now the eve of the Full Moon Autumn Equinox, the reason why I felt compelled to hang around. We were treated to another beautiful clear night after yet another glorious sunset.


That evening, I rummaged around and found some old acid tabs. I determined to have a trip to welcome the morning Sun. Unfortunately, they really were old! They worked alright, but it was not a good night. However, come dawn, I was fine and ‘tripping balls’! I watched the setting Moon to the West and the spectacular sunrise in the East along with many other people, some who had turned up overnight and that morning.

It was obvious to all that I was tripping full tilt. Most either took no notice or simply laughed. However, a character who I later found out is called Anthony, evidently saw an opportunity for mischief. He came up to me and asked me if I wanted to experience an epiphany. He then led me to the Sanctuary and encouraged me to get naked. Now, I have never done anything like that before and have always been in full control of my actions, but for some crazy reason, I went for it!

With the wide open perspective, I realised the importance of the Sanctuary. It is aligned with the Equinox Sun and Moon. I became acutely aware of the lie of the land. I don’t know about epiphany, but it was an incredible realisation of the importance of that place. In the end, it was an incredible trip.

However, my nakedness had caught the attention of the local constabulary! I was asked to clothe myself by a couple of constables who had stopped by. They were fine about it. I imagine that they are likely used to finding Hippies running around naked among the stones of a number of sites, particularly on important festival dates like the Solstices and Equinoxes.

Back at the Ridgeway, I sorted myself out and managed to find my mobile, which I had been using to film the sunrise, before being coaxed away. I was told that this Anthony character had found the whole episode of his mischief highly amusing. What he did was both irresponsible and dangerous. Fortunately, I am a seasoned and very experienced psychonaut. I learnt quite a bit from that trip, so in effect, he did me a favour. The Sanctuary had much meaning that day. It was my last blowout and I was at the gate to the East. Beyond here, the chilled West becomes the dog-eat-dog East.*

It was a gloriously beautiful hot day. I lazed around with everybody else. I had some injuries to my feet that I nursed with some herbs, etc. I had to be very careful in the Sun, too, as I burn easily and run the risk of heatstroke.

*I was going to publish the video of the sunrise here. However, the video is too long and needs some editing. I have no idea how to do that. Sorry. If you know how to and can help, please let me know.

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