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Pease Pottage

I was now very close to where my mum lives. So, the next thing to do was to find somewhere suitable to park. After some searching, Michael and I settled on what we hoped would be a good spot. All aboard, we headed to Handcross. The spot we picked out was no longer a layby. Again, Michael and I searched the satellite map. There was one possibility, not ideal, but could do. I took the old A23 road to Pease Pottage. I then crossed over the main A23 dual carriageway and turned back down the old road. I had to turn around as the road is now a dead-end. I then pulled up just before a recreation field.

I quickly established that the village had nothing other than a pub, a fishmonger and a florist. But, it is just a half hour walk through Tilgate Forest to my mum’s house. The villagers are friendly and some stopped for a chat. One told me where to find firewood that he had disposed of. Another, Dave, spent a couple of hours chatting away over a brew. I was told that travelling folk have parked in the area before. One lady told me that she used to walk their dogs with one traveller.

It was really nice and peaceful, except for one thing - the main A23 dual carriageway! I was parked alongside it. The constant flow of traffic hardly lets up. There is a large fence and trees between the two roads, and I am, or was, used to the traffic. I had been a lorry driver for many years. However, it did start to grate with me in the end. For most of the time, though, I was visiting my mum.

Shortly after arriving, a local cat came by. Unfortunately, Rowan wouldn’t let the cat pass! I had to intervene. I never saw the cat again. I guess they decided that Rowan was too much to handle.

The other thing of note is that the road is used by learner drivers a lot, particularly at the weekend.

I took a few photos of the flora in the village.

Lawson’s Cypress

Hawthorn blossom

Garlic Mustard

Shasta Daisy

Field Sowthistle

Greater Bird’s-foot-trefoil


Purple Clematis

Herb Robert

Germander Speedwell

Common Vetch

Commom Laburnum

Perennial Cornflower

Long Smooth-headed Poppy

Spanish Foxglove

Golden Cinquefoil

Himalayan Clematis

Golden Bamboo

And Rowan enjoying the sunshine.

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4 comentarios

How does Rowan not run off? X

Me gusta
Wizard Steve
Wizard Steve
04 jun 2023
Contestando a

Strange question. Do you mean why? She chooses not to. She’s happy travelling. Search for ‘cats’ in the search box. There are a number of entries about Rowan. Search particularly, ‘Arian and Rowan’. It’s a seven part story of how Rowan came into my life.

Me gusta

Rachel Whitlam
Rachel Whitlam
04 jun 2023

I’m finding such pleasure in your documenting of our local flora and fauna - so many species that I see around me but have no idea what they are. I will head out on local walks with a fresh set of eyes!

Me gusta
Wizard Steve
Wizard Steve
04 jun 2023
Contestando a

To be honest, I’m learning as I go along. This is a great way to remember the name of the different flora, etc.

Me gusta
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