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People’s generosity

People’s generosity never fails to surprise me!

To begin with, I received another amazing food parcel from Dom’s Food Mission ( Loads of good food, including gluten free. This time there was even bottled water and toilet paper. It’s interesting the array of things donated. I thought that it would be only foodstuffs. The most interesting thing was popcorn - loads of it; two carrier bags-full! Apparently, the local cinema donated it as they are unlikely to open by the time the popcorn goes off. I’d never seen so much popcorn!

Then this evening, I woman stopped and handed me a carrier bag of snacks, saying, “Here’s a goodie bag for you.”!

I know I’ve seen her walk by on occasions. There’s usually a courteous ‘good day’. A lovely surprise.

Then, later on, I got a what I thought was a telephone call from my sister. Just as I was about to answer , my mum’s name popped up, as I answered, my brother appeared on the screen, followed by my mum, me and my sister. It was like one of those video conference calls like you see in the movies. Really cool. It was interesting having a chat with my family like that.

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