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R.I.P. My Arian. My Soul ❤️🐈‍⬛ 💔 26/4/13 - 19/9/22

Updated: Oct 3, 2022

Arian was more than just a cat to me. She was my Soul, hence her name. I named her after the Celtic goddess of the Mother Earth Soul, Arianrhōd.*

She wasn’t a pet, either. I was privileged to be who she chose to live with. From day one, she was free to do what she wanted. Through everything; the travelling, the festivals, the upheavals, etc., she always came home to my caravan. That was her home, no matter where it was parked.

You will have read all about her adventures from her birth on my bed on a Beltane Full Moon, one of six beautiful black kittens, how I watched them grow, causing havoc along the way and life on the road in the seven part story, Arian and Rowan, as well as featuring in the story of my life on the festival circuit, to becoming the cat she was.

She was demanding and very vocal! She could get jealous of Rowan, especially if Rowan had my lap! Sometimes, she would literally plonk herself virtually on top of Rowan, pushing her out of the way. She would sometimes drive me crazy with her constant meow, meow, demanding. Other times, really make me laugh. She loved her junk food (cat biscuits and the like). I was hassled for them the moment I got up until I gave in. She would often try it on at other times of the day. She did win sometimes, but not always, usually if I was feeling susceptible.

Arian could look after herself. She had scars under her eye and on her nose from her fights with her siblings. She would see off anything; cats chasing Rowan and even a badger once who made the mistake of sticking its nose through the cat flap! She looked after Rowan. She would wash and preen her, which Rowan loved, purring all the while.

Arian also loved the heat. She would sit right in front of the burner. I would have to pull her away from it sometimes. She would sit with her nose almost touching the glass! How she didn’t sear her nose, I don’t know.

She had an array of spots that she liked to sleep, sometimes after extracting Rowan, of course. She was very aloof. She didn’t do people much. You were privileged if she allowed you to stroke her.

But she did do me! She would roll onto her back for a belly-rub. She would pull at me and grab my hand to stroke her. And she slept with me, particularly in Winter. She would get under the blankets and snuggle up to my belly! If I was asleep and she couldn’t get under the blankets, she would wake me up to pull them back to allow her access!

We had a very close and spiritual relationship.

She was my Arian. She was my Soul.

*see entry Arian and Rowan, part 4….

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