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Return to Thanet, part 1 - Heyshott and Ambersham Commons

Greta’s death, of course, changed everything. I now needed to return to Thanet for the funeral. Instead of continuing West, I turned South. South of Midhurst, I picked up a lane called Bex Lane, which lead onto heathland. At a crossroads, I turned left to a car park, one of many.

Before moving on and while the truck was unhitched, I took the opportunity to run up to the supermarket to top up with groceries. I also topped up with fuel. As a result of the contact, Vanessa, who had put me on the road to getting the truck up and running, read some of my blog. Finding similarities, she arranged to meet me for a chat. She met me at the supermarket. We then had a cup of coffee and a chat. During which, Vanessa revealed that she makes a mean tiramisu, one of my favourite puddings. She offered to make one and deliver it. I had already told her where I was aiming to park. Sure enough, before I had finished setting up, she arrived at the car park with a large portion of tiramisu in hand. I put a chair out and put the kettle on.

I had a pleasant and peaceful evening. And particularly enjoyed the tiramisu.

The heathland here is beautiful. The ground is incredibly sandy, supporting mostly Scots Pine and Silver Birch, Heath, Heather, Gorse and Fern. I was also aware that there were probably plenty of snakes about, though I didn’t see any.

The car park is on the edge of Heyshott Common. As is the case everywhere in the area, there are footpaths leading off in all directions. I went for a wander.

Gray’s Heath

Silver Birch

Wood Sage

Scot’s Pine


Alder Buckthorn

Berries of Alder Buckthorn

Wavy Hair-grass


Northern Bracken Fern

Beautiful Demoiselle (m)

Young cones of Alder


Pendulous Sedge

Marsh Pepper Smartweed

Cuscus Grass


Common Club-rush

The next day, I crossed the road to wander Ambersham Common.

Heath Groundsel

Wild Dandelion

Scots Pine

Common Bent

Gray’s Heath

Sweet Chestnut

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