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Return to Thanet, part 3b - Flora at Sidley

The waste ground is a jungle of flora. Here is a list of some of what is growing there.

Common Ragwort

Wild Radish

Field Thistle


Field Sorrel

Broad-leaf Dock

Red Clover

Stinging Nettle

Great Bindweed

Elmleaf Blackberry

Narrow- leaf Plantain


Hawthorn berries

Pendulous Sedge

Virginia Rose

Bastard Cabbage

Wild Morning Glory


Broad-leaf Enchanter’s- nightshade

Trailing Bellflower

Spear Thistle

Narrow-leaf Cat-tail (aka Bulrush)

Common Bent

Basket Willow

Pussy Willow

Black Bulrush

Water Plantain

River Horsetail

Narrow-leaf Bird’s-foot Trefoil


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1 Comment

I got six right, but confused field sorrel with redshank, and bind weed (morning glory) with datura. :)

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