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Settling in

I think the first thing I need to do is to apologise for not writing anything for so long. I have had a lack of incentive. I have been informed that I am a beneficiary of Greta’s will, something that I was not expecting. I have no idea what that means financially. It could be anything from £1k to £100k! I am also still in limbo over my PIP application. The last I was told is that I should hear something by the end of September. Should I be awarded the payments, something that I am told by many that I should, there will be a substantial back-payment. So, potentially, even realistically, I could have a life-changing amount of money. I have never had much money. I have never cared for money. Money is something that has been imposed upon us. We need it to conduct transactions. I still barter wherever I can. e.g. If I do/give something for/to some-one I accept food, weed, beer and gifts of any sort, besides cash, and there is of course, a service, e.g Fix or make something for me. It also removes greed.

Anyway, all this has added to my present need to remain where I am for now and the lack of incentive. If I am going to have enough money to change my life, I will start again with a new home. I can build a new home and live in this one, rather than build around myself, as I have been doing. Which means that I have dared to dream! I have been thinking about what I want and have been thinking about it’s design. I spent a lot of time worrying. I was having difficulty accepting the reality of what is about to happen. All I could think of was how it could all go wrong. I am coming to terms with it now. I have a palace in my mind and have made rough drawings. I am really looking forward to doing the build. In the meantime, it’s a waiting game, which is frustrating. I have become inactive and bored. To try to occupy my mind, I have been reading a lot, which has helped.

The ground on which I am is lovely and peaceful for the most part. It’s only the nearby road that impacts, really. The neighbours have no issues with me, which is the most important thing. There is some building work that is due to start opposite. Apparently, a water pumping station is going to be built. Recently, geese have been stopping at the pond and the moorhens have been vocal. When it is really quiet I can hear more of the wildlife. There are a couple of owls about. One is to the northeast, the other, east. There are a lot of commercial flights that pass by, mostly to Gatwick. Sometimes, flights are kept in a holding pattern to the northwest.

The village is a short walk along a footpath. From there I took a bus to Bexhill one day. I found a second-hand bookshop, my purpose for the trip. Sadly, it will be closing soon. The old lady who owns it has been unable to find a buyer, which is a real shame. I bought a good selection of books. On another occasion, there was a market in town. I was told that it is only held twice a year. I bought some vegetables and local honey, some Turkish delight and pastries from an Iranian and a couple of African tops from a Peruvian. I was surprised when I was told the price of a ticket to Hastings. It’s cheaper than taking the truck! Froggy bought all the wood and logs, plus some of the tools that he had offloaded from me back at Kits Coty* I have had a number of random visitors already, too, some new friends, some old and today, a police constable looking for some stolen gardening tools. Apparently, they were tagged. There has also been a homeless man sleeping in his car, recently.

During the recent heatwave, I had the windows and door open permanently. Rowan decided to use the back window as a shortcut to the ‘verandah’, the back of the trailer, which is her perch. She goes under the caravan for shelter and has a favourite sunshaded spot at the front end of the trailer.

The trouble with long grass, especially in such heat? Fleas! I had a full-on infestation! I dealt with it, though. I brushed in diatomaceous earth throughout and sprayed all the furniture with some that I had mixed with a drop of washing liquid in spring water. I also sprayed the entire caravan with Neem oil in spring water. I sprayed my legs and feet, too! Rowan had a few drops on the back of her neck. She hates it, but more importantly, so do the fleas! I then sprayed everywhere with a combination of Lavender, Citronella, Lemongrass, Rosemary, Geranium and Cedar oils in spring water. All the oils are anti-flea and the smell is great. It took about five days to rid my home of the fleas. I keep on top of it by using the sprays. Ideally, I would have Fleabane growing around my pitch.

*see entry Kits Coty

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