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Sourcing parts

There are a number of issues with the truck!

To list, they are as follows:

Sheared shock absorber bolt

Dead alternator

Loose pivot pin

No securing pin on pivot pin

Leaking plastic expansion tank

Tipper operating switch broken

I ordered an on-off-on toggle switch from the internet for £3.25. It took a while to arrive as the original package went missing. I left it a week and then when there was still no sign, I contacted the seller. He was great. No hassle. He simply sent out another which arrived shortly after. Five stars for that man!

The bolt for the shock has proved to be a ball-ache. Not a single hardware outlet in this area stocks M14 x 90mm bolts! I had to buy them on the internet, too. Got bolts in good time, but still waiting on nuts.

Thanks firstly to my son, Michael, who alerted me to a man called Steve in Ore who deals with alternators; and secondly, my mum, who paid the purchase price, I now have a brand new alternator.

Michael also directed me to metal expansion tanks. What happened was, that I quickly discovered that the factory expansion tank was obsolete and there are no LDV Convoys in any breakers yard in the whole of southeast Sussex and southwest Kent! I was contemplating organising some-one in Cornwall to pop in to see Malcolm Drew as I knew he would have what I needed, when I was shown the metal tanks. I searched through lists of them. I quickly discovered that they were all Chinese. Undeterred, I kept searching and found a bloke called Ben in Faringdon who said that he would make one, bespoke. He reckoned it wouldn’t be more than £80, which I think is a fair price. We’ve sent messages back and forth with requirements/measurements, etc. So, hopefully soon, I will have a shiny new expansion tank.

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