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St. John’s Church, Coolhurst

It was another glorious day and as I was parked right alongside, I thought I’d have a little wander around the church grounds.

The first and obvious thing was the Yew on the North side.

There is another bigger Yew just inside the gate.

Lady’s Mantle

Grass Vetchling

Creeping Speedwell

Greater Bird’s-foot Trefoil



Around on the South side, the path to the door is flanked by Japanese Yew.

It is also on the South side that one discovers the pièce de résistance. A big old Beech is flanked by Birch and all are surrounded by Rhododendron.

Beech flowers

There also appears to be Turkey Oak growing from within.

Common Spotted Orchid

Mouse-ear Hawkweed


Blue Bugleweed

Evergreen Magnolia

Copper Beech

Headstones in the fern

I spent most of the day enjoying the sun-trap. Later that evening, I leant forward to do something in my caravan. I heard and felt an ominous creak. Alarmed, I stepped out and had a look around. The caravan had actually moved a fraction! It would appear that my coming and going, living, accentuated by the camber, had allowed gravitation to take over. Cars travelling by at excessive speeds don’t help either. It’s obvious when somebody passes by at more than 30mph!

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