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Stable door - lower section, part 11 and Stable door - upper section, part 3

Eventually, I was back to where I was before I had a ‘moment’. It was time for fitting hinges and hanging the door. I chose some nice sturdy wrought iron hinges and fitted them.

Then it was the moment of truth....

With the lower section in place, I was now able to get a more accurate measurement height-wise for the upper section. I then cut the appropriate lengths and sanded back to clean wood.

The problem with second-hand/reclaimed wood is exactly that, it’s been used before. Especially when it’s free, the wood will invariably be full of nails, screw holes, paint or otherwise damaged, or combination of some or all. It sometimes takes a lot of work to clean the wood and get it to a usable condition.

I then cut the joints,

Then I measured and cut the panel to fit. I then assembled with glue and doweling, then clamped.

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