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Stable door - lower section, part 3

I had a day off for a spring clean. I opened the skylights and freshened the whole place through. I needed to get into the storage under the long bench to retrieve the wood glue and varnish. So, it made sense to have a proper sort-out while I was at it. Daniel brought water over and Barry turned up with some parcels.

The next day, I started on the lintel of the cat-flap. I chose a piece of wood and cut it down to 336mm.

I then marked what needed to be removed.

Quite a bit came off. I became so engrossed with what I was doing that I forgot to take a photo showing the ongoing shaping. Sorry!

I got so far, then ran out of 80grit sandpaper. I finished off with 150grit, then got all the parts together and set them up to see what it all looked like.

Good, eh.

I’ve bought more 80grit paper. I want to take a bit more off the ends so that they’ll be more rounded.

In the meantime, I found a length of batten....

(Oh! Hahahaha! I’ve just noticed the ruler in the picture! It was one of the useful things I found in the dumped caravan along with all the wood! Honestly!)

and set it along with the parts worked so far.

I cut the batten to 276mm, then reset.

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I actually did grow up with wogan on the radio at breakfast before school lol. Different era. Nice reading your blog from time to time, especially in these dark days..


Wizard Steve
Wizard Steve
Apr 07, 2020

Hi Chris, Thank you for your comments. Yeah, I didn’t notice where the ruler originated from until I saw it in the photo! I had to think for a moment - Wogan? Ah, Terry. I don’t know that I ‘grew up’ with him. I remember him on the radio, but more so later on, when I was a lorry driver. Thanks again, Chris. I hope you will continue to enjoy this blog. I have a lot of stories, etc. and this is only the beginning. Please, if you can, ‘share’ as it helps me and gives me plenty of encouragement. Wiz


Steve, this is great work and thoroughly absorbing for a lover of craftsmanship ... and I did laugh at your foraged ruler !

I really am enjoying your blog, did you grow up with Wogan in your ears? You've got a similar conversational style, and speak directly to your 'dear reader'.

Wishing you plenty more lucky breaks, I'll leave you with a lovely blessing I heard when I was only ten:

'may the best ye've ever seen, be the worst ye'll ever see'

:) ChrisB

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