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Stable door - lower section, part 4

Updated: Aug 2, 2020

I finally got round to starting back on the door after some months. Michael had gone off and simply bought the wood I needed.

I decided to make the frame of the lower door. I started by cutting the three lengths I needed for the two sides and the top.

I shaped the top section so that it had nice rounded edges on what will be the inside edge. I then marked and cut the joints.

I don’t know why, my tongues are crap, but my grooves are great. It’s the same with cutting straight lines; with a jigsaw, I’m all at sea, but with a hand saw, I’ll cut straight lines all day. I can cut good circles with the jigsaw, though! Daniel can’t; they’re pissed, but he can cut straight lines with the jigsaw all day. Anyway, looking good so far.

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