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Stable door - lower section, part 5

While I am waiting on the stain for the exterior woodwork to turn up, I’m doing whatever little jobs I can find to do. I have made a box for Stuart and am pottering about with the ‘tree of tables’. I have been repairing the split ends. (I’ll come to that in the next instalment about that project). The other table is on stage 2 - drying. There’s the rear end damage that I’ve started on (I’m now waiting for a new pop rivet gun in order to be able to continue). Likewise with glazing (I need window tint). The kitchen is also on hold (I need a water tank made and haven’t found anyone to do that, yet).

So to the next stage of the door.

The first thing was to choose a piece of wood and cut it to size, making two short lengths which bridge the distance between the cat flap and sides.

I then cut the joints (badly)

then laid the whole lot out.

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