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Stable door - lower section, part 6

Working out the panelling of the door was a challenge. As I am working with second-hand and donated wood, I had to work out how best to utilise what I have. The tongue and groove is 111mm wide and the width of the aperture is 446mm, which left me 22mm short. I found some batten that would fit, but it was not thick enough. I found something thick enough, but too wide. In the end, I plumped for trimming the latter to fit. I took my time and sliced the excess off with a handsaw.

I then thought about how it should look when completed; what sort of trim, etc. and how the hinges would sit.

Once I was happy with what would be the final result, I tidied away and set the panelling up in the frame.

Looks great.

Finally, I glued the panelling.

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Wizard Steve
Wizard Steve
Oct 23, 2020

Thank you


Looking good Steve 👍

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