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Stable door - upper section, part 10 and more snow

I have just found dozens of messages dating back over a period of 12 years! I have been sifting through them, answering those that I can with masses of apologies. The messages had gone directly into a spam folder that I wasn’t aware even existed. I don’t know if you can explain, but, how does the computer program decide what is spam and what is not?

I hadn’t written any ‘diary’ updates for a while as there wasn’t anything to tell you about. I had just been getting on with whatever I could through the cold days, when it wasn’t raining, that is. Few people had passed by. In fact, some days I never saw or spoke to a soul, other than the cats. Heaven!

As you know, I completed the upper section of the door. I fitted the wrought iron hinges matching those on the lower section and with Michael’s help, hung the door. I love it! It looks great. I am now in the process of sourcing handles, lock and latch, etc.

I also published some of the parts to the ‘Festivals’ story. There’s more to come.

Then came the snow. That lasted for three days, on and off.

The temperature then plummeted. It was ice cold. I carried on, but had to come in regularly to warm my fingers. When I was working outside I wore fingerless gloves as I wouldn’t be able to do anything with thick gloves on. The burner was ticking away day and night. Sometimes, I might have to stoke the fire in the morning to keep it going. I was well wrapped up and wore thermal gloves when I went off foraging for firewood. Foraging was made easier by the fact that I have loads of stacked wood leaning up against trees dotted around in the woods. I had had the forethought of stacking wood for such an occasion. It’s quite funny, really, inasmuch as I have no idea exactly where I had stacked the wood, so discovering my stores of wood about the woods is always a delight.

My iPhone then started playing up. Or so I thought. I was having problems getting it to charge. It could only be the device as the charge cable was brand new. Daniel found a replacement. It was when Michael was setting the thing up that he discovered that there is nothing wrong with the one I was replacing. Odd. It was then that we realised that the fault lay with the charge cable. It turned out that what I had bought was a cheap imitation ‘unbreakable’ cable. The cable didn’t break, but the connection to the plug did! Nightmare! I bit the bullet, spent the extra and bought a genuine unbreakable cable. I guess one gets what one pays for!

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