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Stable door - upper section, part 2 and Stable door - lower section, part 10

Updated: Jan 16, 2023

Once the glue had set on the small tongue and groove panel, I removed the clamps and marked out an idea for a design for the window that will be set into the door. I wanted to see how it would look. I settled on a symbol that represents the Moon, but needed to work out the spacing between each section. The symbol is a full Moon with a waxing and waning crescent Moon either side. Once I had settled on the most practical measurements, I put the template to one side and ordered a pane of glass from a local glazing company.

After a final sand, the lower section was ready to be stained. I ummed and ahed for ages as to what I was going to do by way of wood protection. I got Michael to pick up some colour charts. I spent ages pouring over them, decided on some watery colours that would be associated with the Moon, but wasn’t really happy. Daniel suggested some slightly different shades that also seemed to work. In the end I changed my mind completely and went for a different hue of wood stain. All the woodwork thus far is stained with a Redwood stain. I thought that a whole door in the same stain would perhaps be too much Redwood. I couldn’t make up my mind and decided that the only option was to venture out to a hardware store and peruse through what was available. Hopefully, I would know what I want when I saw it. Michael came over and caravan-sat while I borrowed his motor to go and explore. I completely forgot to take something I could use for a face covering as is required in most places these days. Fortunately, Michael has a box of those throw-away things in the centre console box. From what was available, I decided on a rich Teak stain. It looks fabulous. I hope it will look good when it’s all in place!

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Wizard Steve
Wizard Steve
26. sep. 2020

It looks beautiful, but will it compliment the Redwood? We shall see.


I love that color. I think you made a wonderful choice. My kid and I just ordered doors for the house we're redoing. We don't want the doors to be the same color as the hallway, but haven't decided if we should go white or a coordinating color. Lol Can't wait to see your finished door hung up. Thanks for sharing your journey.


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