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Stable door - upper section, part 5

Just towards the end of my period of writer’s block, a bloke who works at a local builder’s merchant stopped by. He said that he had noticed the work going on, so thought he would stop to offer the ’chippy’ doing the woodwork some offcuts. I said that I was doing all the work myself and that I am not a chippy, but an ex lorry driver. I explained that I was learning as I was going along as I have never done anything like this. He was amazed and told me that it was a bloody good job. He had presumed that it was being done by a qualified carpenter. He asked me if there was any particular wood that I needed. I showed him the ongoing work to the upper section of the door and asked him whether he could get hold of a suitable piece for the window frame. A few days later, he appeared with a 6’ plank that does the job perfectly. He said that there was nothing 15mm thick, so he got one of the ‘lads’ to machine plane it down to the required thickness. What an absolute star!

The plank wasn’t quite wide enough, so I had to do a quick rethink and adjust the layout. Fortunately, it was 25mm out, just the width of the beading I was using. It meant that I had to slice off the top part of the glass frame. I laid out the new design. No problem.

With my problems now solved, I was able to get on. I measured and cut the required length from the gifted plank, then marked out the Moon symbol,

And cut out the holes.

I then spent time sanding back to a smooth edge.

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Looking good Steve, I can’t wait to see the finished product 👍

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