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This, that and a couple of breakdowns

A container appeared in the little car park by me a while ago. I presumed it was in anticipation for the start of the building work that is due to start next year. However, it turns out that it is for storing the football equipment used by the football club using the field as a training ground.

It appears that Hastings was in the eye of the storm the other week. While all around was in chaos; wind and rain; flooding in London and France, Hastings enjoyed a quiet day!

One day a van pulled up a short way along the road. The driver came by. On hearing that the van had broken down, I said that I would have a look. The man told me that the van would not start. I asked him to “turn the key”. There appeared to be a fuel problem. I attempted to bleed the fuel, which was made difficult by the overcrowding of accessories required by the computer to run the engine. Nothing doing. I did everything I could manually to get fuel to the engine, bar feeding it directly. In the end, I told the man that he needed a laptop. The chances are that the computer is shutting down the fuel for some reason. He admitted that the computer had given hints of issues with the glow plugs. “There you are, then.” I said.

Another day, I had a knock at the door. A woman who introduced herself by saying that she is in the fire brigade asked for a jump start. I explained that the truck could not be moved due to ongoing work being undertaken. I pointed her to some-one along the way who might be able to help. A few minutes later I spotted her pushing a Japanese pick-up truck. I went over and helped. We pushed the truck to a junction leading downhill where she would be able to bump start it. Though it wasn’t far, I was amazed at the number of cars that passed us, including one that had to divert heavily around us as we were on the brow of the road camber turning right for the downhill road. Not one stopped to offer assistance!

There has been another pile of unsolicited rubbish. This time, quite shockingly, the culprits are connected with the football meets. They had enjoyed a junk food meal, then deposited the rubbish along the kerb.

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