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Offside spruce up

Now that the near(door)side was looking so good, I thought that perhaps I should tidy up the offside. It looked tired, to say the least. I suspect that it’s condition encouraged the McD/KFC dullards to lob their rubbish at me.

So, as before, I moulded a coarse filler over the awning rail and filled in dents, etc.

Then started the process of weeks of sanding and filling.

I removed the door that was originally the toilet cassette compartment and the bathroom vents, all of which were long out of use. (The area is now my fireplace). As before, I plugged the gap with board and sealed. I then worked the area to blend in with the rest of the wall.

Eventually, as and when prepared and primed, I painted, first, the blue,

then the yellow

and finally, the green.

Once done, as before, I spruced up the exterior locker door.

The woodwork will have to wait for another time.

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