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Wanton destruction and planetary movements

The Council came along and destroyed a bee haven and medicinal garden.

There is a small patch of land that is surrounded on three sides by trees. The forth side is a small car park. On that patch were growing a fair few medicinal plants. Then the Council came along and mowed the lot with one of those ride-on mowers! Probably blissfully ignorant of the destruction caused. It’s not that that particular patch is used by anyone other than as part of a footpath from the road to the recreational field. So why? Who knows?

The weekend was very sketchy for me. I was short-tempered, easily wound up, stressed, clumsy, dropping things and injuring myself. All I can think of is that there must be some planetary movements going on. I know very little about astrology. I did have a look on a website that gave the position of each planet. Jupiter and Saturn were very close together and along with Pluto, in Capricorn. Maybe some-one learned in astrology could explain. I bashed my head several times and sliced my fingers a number of times. I was getting a bit fed up with running in to clean up and affix pasters! It was when my fingertip was whacked by a 6” G-clamp that I really blew my top!

I had clamped two lengths of 3x2 in the doorway sandwiching the wall that had bowed. The top clamp lost grip as I was positioning the lower clamp. It dropped rapidly and clouted my finger right on the tip. As I had hold of the other clamp at the time, it hurt all the more. I gave a very loud expletive shout and grabbed the offending clamp as I did so, lobbing it angrily, then hopped about cradling my throbbing finger for a few minutes! It hurt.

I then spent the next hour searching for the lost clamp!

I couldn’t believe it; a 6” G-clamp is not a small thing. I searched and searched. I went over the fence and looked among the trees. Nothing. I then got stuck right in and cleared all the undergrowth until I eventually found it deep under a tree near the fence. Bloody thing.

My finger was still throbbing the next day and the sliced finger didn’t stop bleeding for two days.

On a brighter note, the caravan is coming along. I have been living without a door all week, though. Just as well the weather has stayed dry! I have taken some photographs and will update you next time.

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