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Weir Wood Reservoir and Stone Farm Rocks

We left Forest Row by returning back towards Hindleap. Instead of turning left at the crossroads to Twyford, I turned right. A few minutes later, we were at Weir Wood Reservoir. We settled in, then I got talking to a fellow who had something to do with the upkeep of the bird hide and the nature reserve in general. It appears that the night before, some persons unknown had parked a number of cars in a circle around a bonfire in the middle of the car park. The debris left was obvious. Quite a few people visited the reservoir here, but didn’t tend to stop long, even late into the evening. Somewhere reasonably close by, the steam trains of the Bluebell Railway could be heard. And Rowan was busy catching mice.

In the morning quite a few birdwatchers appeared. They were observing the many nesting waterfowl at the reservoir. The fellow whom I had chatted to the previous afternoon, gently and politely pointed out that there was no overnight parking allowed. I said that I was aware and reassured him that I am quiet, respectful and tidy. Recognising the truth of my statement, he added, “You don’t look like a ruffian to me.” I totally understood when he said that though the car park was nothing to do with him, he could not be seen to encourage anyone to park overnight.

With the weather threatening heavy rain, I decided to take a shorter walk than intended.

Grey heron

White Willow

After skirting the reservoir for a short way, I cut off up a muddy footpath.

The footpath then opened up, passing an Oak.

A short climb up the footpath is Stone Farm Rocks.

Growing out of the rocks are some magnificent Yew,

The roots of a Yew draped across the rocks


The roots of Beech entwine over the rocks


and Holly.

From atop the rocks are some great views.

Views of Weir Wood Reservoir

As the weather appeared to be improving, I took the decision to continue on along the footpath for a bit.


Eventually, the footpath makes it's way through a carpet of Bluebells.

The footpath then opened into a field of cattle.

Blooming Hawthorn

Row of Oak

Soon, I was alongside the reservoir again.

By this point, I was a significant way around the reservoir. The weather was still holding off. There was no point in turning back. I continued on. As I did so, I sustained myself on Hawthorn leaves.

One of the many brooks I crossed

One of the many gates I passed through

One of the many boardwalks I traversed

One of the many stiles I clambered over

Every now and then, I caught site of the reservoir.

Early Purple Orchid

Eared Willow

I passed by areas of wet woodland.

Eventually, I came to the muddiest footpath encountered so far this year.

At one point, it was so deep that I nearly lost my boot!

Something like three-quarters of the way around, I reached a wooden footbridge across the River Medway.

The onward footpath continued through another carpet of Bluebells.

Then came a stretch of concrete road.

Common Burdock

Japanese Snowbell


At the end of the road are a gaggle of buildings. The footpath continues across a field.

As I started out across the field, I met a lady coming the other way. She was walking her dog. We stopped at chatted. When she realised that I had by this point walked virtually the entire circumference of the reservoir, she offered me a glass of water, which I eagerly and gratefully accepted. She, Katie, lives in one of the buildings I had just passed.

Refreshed, I trekked across the field

and on along the last stretch of footpath

to the road that I followed back to the car park.

The first thing I did when I got home was to have a cup of tea. Just then, the heavens opened and it poured with heavy rain!

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Rachel Whitlam
Rachel Whitlam
May 14, 2023

There are some really good photos there Steve. Love the one of the yew at Sonecrop rocks. I might just have to revisit the reservoir walk again as it’s been a while. I see you made it to Finche Field eventually despite the road blockage 👍

Wizard Steve
Wizard Steve
May 15, 2023
Replying to

LOL. Or buy a new pair😉

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