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Daniel recently had time off from his work, so used some of that time to come and help out. With Michael also, they got stuck in. Loads was achieved. We finally got the little opening window by the door fitted and glazed the main section (I’ll tell you more about that another day).

The caravan was then washed down ready for priming and painting. As I cracked on with the sanding, etc., the boys sanded down the woodwork and made good where the wood had swollen over the Winter. Wood is naturally beautiful, but high maintenance. It’s something I’ll have to do every Spring. I will also wash down and repaint, etc. most years. Daniel also did a lovely job of sealing the edge where the wood meets the wall.

The walls were also given a light sand, ready for repainting. They did a wonderful job which has saved me a great deal of time. Obviously, a massive thank you to them.

The St. John’s ladies were true to their word. I had a telephone call from a local GP surgery. I was asked a couple of basic questions; a ‘care of‘ address and the name of the GP that I’m registered with in Cornwall and that was that. I then made an appointment to have a blood test. A few days later I had the test and haven’t heard anything since, so, I can take it that I am still alive and kicking! Great. It means that the herbs are working. Have I mentioned that I have given up the carrier bag full of pharmaceutical drugs that I am prescribed to keep me alive? I have been living on herbs instead. I have an infusion of Hawthorn, Lime flowers, Lily of the Valley, Nettles and Broom every morning and evening. It’s not great tasting, but I have always accepted that medicine is not supposed to taste nice. The worse it tastes, the more good it’s doing. I solve the problem by simply adding ‘a spoonful of sugar to help the medicine go down’ as the saying goes. It’s amazing how palatable it makes even the most foul tasting medicine.

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Interesting about your medications or should I say lack of .

I am also on a bag of pharmaceutical drugs for blood pressure chronic pain asthma diabetes blah blah blah.. I am interested in trying your natural remedy where did you hear about this and where can I get the natural ingredients you mention.?. if you don't mind me asking Steve what kind of medical problems do you have ?

I also lived in a caravan for about 6 years I really loved it it was amazing I love the rain on the roof especially.

All the best ,

Michael Mac .

Wizard Steve
Wizard Steve
Apr 29, 2021
Replying to

Hi Michael, I would need to know what medication you’re on and why. From there, I can recommend which herbs you need. I researched when I became ill as I do not want to become dependent/addicted on pharmaceutical drugs. I also put myself around knowledgeable people. Your local ‘natural’/organic grocery shop will likely have all you need. If not, they will probably be able to get. If you don’t have a local shop, internet. I have a heart condition. Ah, yes, rain on the roof. Love it. Deepest Winter when all Hell is breaking loose, the caravan gently rocking in the wind and the rain tapping on the roof, while inside, little old me is lazing around in my longjohns, stoned an…

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