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What next?

Updated: Jan 29, 2020

I have been in touch with a guy named Steve. He runs Lizard Trailers in Helston. I have spoken to him briefly about what I need. He says he can help. The idea is to buy each component through him as and when I can afford to. Once all the materials are amassed, he’ll put it all together.

So, that’s a start!

I have thought about what I want to do this year:

Three jobs on caravan, two on truck.

Travel to Cornwall via North Downs.

See Tom who’s looking after a couple of trailers for me.

Sell plant trailer.

Load truck of trailer contents.

See Steve for chassis build!

Travel back.

But, before I can start on that, the truck has a couple of issues!

Firstly, due the unbelievable state of the roads in this area, my truck has actually broke! There are potholes so large on some roads in this town that one is obliged to give way to oncoming traffic so as to safely negotiate the chasm! I have literally driven on better roads in Africa. The securing pin that secures the pivot pin that forms the hinge for the tipper body broke due to the constant shaking throughout the structure of the truck caused as a result of the prolonged periods of time negotiating the road network of Rother District in Sussex, particularly the town of Hastings. That in turn allowed the pivot pin to start working loose!

My son, Shannon and I managed to thread the pin back in. I then fitted a replacement securing pin, only to lose that, too!

Then I went through a lake that shouldn’t have been where it was. It was dark and I didn’t spot it until it was too late! I got through fine, but fried the alternator.

Next, the bottom bolt that secures the shock absorber to the axle sheared!

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I'm only clicking the heart icon so I know where I'm up to! Please don't think for a second this is me saying it's good when you hit a rut! Ceridwen


Wizard Steve
Wizard Steve
Apr 17, 2020

It amazes me how it is that no-one has sued


I know the roads of Sussex and their cavernous potholes all too well. I moved north away from that pain a while back, but I can confirm it's been the same for over a decade. In another life I had lots to do with the local BMW dealers who confirmed what I heard from a couple of my colleagues who ran cars with very stiff suspension, we were all travelling around 700-1000 miles a week meaning regular (monthly) repairs for bits literally falling off / bending due to the constant shaking.

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