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Why write a blog?

Updated: Jan 27, 2020

Why indeed!

Well, many reasons really, I suppose.

It turns out that I’m apparently good at telling stories and I’ve had an interesting life. Combining the two should make this an entertaining read, as you will discover. I’m quite happy to chat away, too, so tell me if I’m getting boring! What I’ll do is tell you stuff along the way and keep you informed of my progress. Hopefully, if there is enough interest, those that are able and wish to do so, could perhaps give me some input, advice, help and support in any way they can. Those that know me know that I’m skint, so getting things repaired can be a financial challenge. I’m not getting any younger and I’m breaking down all over the place (More of that some other time). My caravan is in the same condition.

Why am am I skint?

A long story! Basically, spendthrift, I believe is the word. Never had any interest in money, so never had it. When I did have it, I had a beautiful girlfriend to spend it on. My choice, by the way. I enjoyed spending my money; some see things differently/negatively. She (Linda) will no doubt be introduced sometime in the future. I’ve no idea, by the way, of the legal ramifications of using people‘s whole names on here are, so I’m going to keep things simple and stick to personal names, nicknames, that sort of thing.

I live on the road in my caravan. Generally, living is basic and cheap. And very cosy! I have no Poll Tax, no Council Tax, no rent, rates or mortgage. My only tax is the cost of keeping my truck legally on the road. I maintain it as I cannot afford garage bills. My heating is free. The only commodity I pay for is gas for the cooker.


I need something that will outlast me and I need help in achieving that.

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