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Windfall and flyers, etc.

A lad appeared one day asking for directions to a road that is about half a mile away. He told me that he had walked from town. He had originally started out in the wrong direction for some distance, until he asked somebody. He was given a rudimentary map that eventually brought him to me. He had been walking for some hours.

The next day I was alerted by rustling behind my caravan. I went to investigate. I found a couple of carrier bags full of tinned food and biscuits for the cats. Whoever it was was a bit sharpish on their feet as there was no sign of them.

Then came the winds. The meteorological office have in recent years given names to the various storms that hit the British Isles. I believe this one was called something like Storm Eunice. Anyway, whatever it was called, it brought down a number of trees. The pavement and road on which I am parked was strewn with windfall. The little meadow and cat park was also littered with enough firewood to keep me going for months. I gathered it all up, starting with the road and pavement. I cleared the meadow over a period of some days as there was so much that I couldn’t stack it all for lack of space. I keep all my firewood off of the pavement as it would otherwise be an obstruction to the general public.

Michael has gone up country. He is working as a lorry driver. As the pandemic is also now officially over, I have returned to doing my own shopping. Unfortunately, the only shop near me is a large supermarket. I begrudgingly went there. It was the first time I had entered such a building in two years. Within a few minutes of being in there I started to get a headache and by the time I reached the checkout I was having difficulty breathing. The environment of those places are really not good. I cannot spend time in any building that has air conditioning. Never have. I am also used to fresh air, even if it is polluted. Before the pandemic, I did use supermarkets without issue. I can only put it down to not stepping inside one for so long that I now notice and am affecting by the environment.

Thanks to Daniel’s generous help, I now have some flyers. We contacted something called 1066 Print Shop. Unfortunately, the proprietor was dismissive and condescending. He made everything sound like a huge inconvenience. I searched further and found a fella called Phil, the proprietor of Fastprint & Design. I explained what I wanted. He understood my requirements clearly and without issue. A week later, he personally delivered a boxful of really good quality flyers. Absolutely brilliant!

There has also been a development regarding the recreation field. It appears that the council have changed their minds about selling the land to the local football club. They have decided that they would prefer to keep it as an open space for all to enjoy.

I had a few quiet evenings last week. The road was closed off from the corner behind me to the end of the road. I believe that it was due to the main road that this road leads to being resurfaced.

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Great read again...share your sentiment with large supermarkets to ...I went to a big supermarket for the 1st time in 2yrs only to be ravaged by a migraine since saturday morning and anxiety from the hoards of people. Think I'll stick with online shopping reading your tales


I can definitely relate to your supermarket experience. Not only the energy draining effect of their sterile environments, but also being forced to give your hard earned cash to huge corporations in return for essential foodstuffs, wrapped in layers of plastic for your 'convenience'. Maybe you could link up with local veg growers and work out some kind of mutually beneficial exchanges? Just did a 12 hour shift at the yard, had a couple of beers to unwind, hence rambling somewhat. Anyway, always a pleasure to read your latest blogs. Hope to see you down Kernow sometime this summer.

Wizard Steve
Wizard Steve
Mar 29, 2022
Replying to

Once I’m back on the road I shall be using local farm shops. Not sure when I’ll make it down that way, but will do at some point.

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