A hoard of food

The weather turned extremely cold last week. There were even a couple of flurries of snow. When I say flurries, I really mean flurries. On both occasions, if you blinked, you’d have missed it! A few days later, it snowed again. This time, for all of two minutes!

A woman seeing me working on my caravan, stopped by and gave me some kind of caravan cleaner and some decent cleaning cloths. I think it’s a modern thing; I’ve never heard of it before. It’s called ‘black streak remover’. I presume that it’s for those modern plastic caravans. I thanked her for her kind gift. It will no doubt come in handy.

I then had a completely unexpected visit. A man stopped by and introduced himself as my granddaughters’ great-grandfather. What a surprise!

Gifts of food went mad again. I had a food parcel from Dom’s (www.domsfoodmission.com). But before that arrived, a man appeared with a carrier bag full of frozen food. Later, I had a delivery of a large bag of vegetables from the guys at Surviving the Streets. I only have a small terracotta ‘fridge which makes storing chilled food challenging. Frozen food, more so, as once defrosted, it goes off in super-quick time. Fortunately, Daniel came by. I offloaded the frozen on him for safekeeping.

In the meantime, I made a few cupcakes with some tangerines I had been given. The sponge came out perfect! I topped the cakes with a coffee buttercream. They were amazing and of course, didn’t last long.

I have noticed that I am very close to my 100th. post; just another couple to go. What should I write about in that post?

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