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A new kitchen, part 3

The last job left to do in my caravan was to finish the kitchen. As you may remember, I left work on the kitchen once it was functional, so that I could get on with other jobs.*

You may also remember mention of a terracotta fridge.**

They work on the basis that the dense and warmer it is around the outer pot, the cooler it is inside the inner pot. With that in mind, I thought that I would try to insulate it.

First, I found some aluminium sheet. I shaped it into a tray.

I fitted the tray into position.

Then I wrapped some insulation around the pots. Michael had sourced the insulation. It is made using recycled plastic bottles.

I boxed the pots in with 18mm ply.

I then covered with the red vinyl wrap I have used elsewhere.*

Next, I refashioned an old spice rack to fit.

I secured the spice rack into position by fitting a lovely wrought iron ‘cat’ coat hanger that I had been gifted. The screws holding the cats in place are screwed into the back of the spice shelf.

While I was at it, I fitted a key holder.

The light switch that I originally fitted was a cheap Chinese touchscreen thing that stopped functioning correctly in no time. I bought what had been advertised as a 12v push-button dimmer switch. The dimensions fitted the pre-cut aperture perfectly. When it arrived, I discovered that it was a 240v household switch designed to operate a 12v system. With Froggy’s help, I found a decent 12v switch. However, it wasn’t going to fit the aperture. Fortunately though, I was able to make one switch to fit from the two that don’t. Froggy then took the now remodelled 240v switch as he had a use for it.

The lights work great.

Next, I took what used to be bed slats and cut them into short lengths. I then made doors using the traditional Z on the reverse. I then treated them with my turps and boiled linseed oil concoction. As they were Yew, they came up beautifully.

With Daniel’s help, I then fitted them in place.

The kitchen was really coming together.

My dinner plates are almost all too big for any of the cupboards, so I decided to make a plate rack. I bought some copper rod, cut to size and fitted under the cupboards above the window.

The plates look great and are always warmed by my cooking.😉

I then sourced a louvred door. I had to shave a small amount off of each upright edge for it to fit. I then stained Yew to match the real Yew and fitted.