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A prang

I’m writing this not long after waking up from a doze. Mind you, I’ve had to have two cups of tea to clear my head, first.

I had decided that as we were going to have good dry weather for at least a week I would get up earlier than I had been since the onset of Winter. I actually got up a little later than I had intended. I think it was due to my waking up and going out for a pee sometime before dawn.

Shortly after returning with wood foraged from the woods I made a cup of tea. I then heard a heavy thud. I immediately stepped out to investigate. Something had obviously hit something else. It was another accident at the road junction a few yards from where I’m parked. As there was no screeching of tyres, I deduced that the little hatchback car had either not stopped at the junction or more likely, pulled out without looking properly and drove straight into the side of a passing car; one of those ugly modern Beetles. The little hatchback must’ve accelerated into the Beetle as the front end was proper stoved in. There was a lot of oil on the road; probably power steering fluid. So that was the road blocked. A bit of a nightmare for the many lorries coming on and off of the industrial estate. The police turned up, followed by a recovery truck. They had the mess cleared up in good time. So much so that I was genuinely surprised at the efficiency. The constables seemed friendly. I even got a smile and a wave from a WPC!

It was a really good day. I was happy and comfortable in the milder weather and got as much done as was feasible.

At some point, I think late morning/lunchtime, I had visitors. Tony from Dom’s Food Mission ( popped by. He had a friend with him who handed me a card from another local charity called Surviving the Streets. They deliver hot food from 7pm to 10pm to those in need. Amazing! I was also told that they can also deliver fresh vegetables, too.

Later on, once I had got to a point where there was no point in starting on anything else, I tidied up and came in, got the burner going and cooked my dinner while listening to some music.

As the front room is now my temporary shed, I tend to laze about on my bed. However, so do the cats. My preferred spot was taken up, so instead of moving the cats, I scrambled around them. The next thing I knew there was a knock at the door. It was Stuart with a couple of parcels for me. He kindly takes in my post. I had been out for at least two hours! The burner had even virtually gone out. There was enough embers to get the thing going again, though. It didn’t take long before I had to open the upper section of the door to let some of the heat out!

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I'm the same way with my dog and cat. I have a queen size bed and they are gracious enough to allow me a tiny sliver of it to sleep on. 🤣


Wizard Steve
Wizard Steve
Feb 20, 2021

Yeah. You should see some of the acrobatics I have to perform getting in/on my bed just so that I don’t disturb them! Of course, what I should be doing is simply moving them. After all, it’s my bed! LOL


They look like they are comfy.

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