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A tree of tables

I’ve been given another Yew table. I don’t really know how to describe it. It’s a sort of tree of tables. There are four small tables, each one at a different height; one on top. I’m told that it has been kept indoors.

At first glance, it looks really good. However, it does have its problems. The top table has come away and there are a number of cracks in the trunks.

I decided to start with the base and work up. I gently laid the whole piece on it’s side, swept the underside of dust and cobwebs and sanded back to a clean surface.

In the odd spot I had to do some gentle carving to remove broken ends. I sanded some of the rough and cracked edges. Finally, I glued and clamped one of the feet that had split. The damage is small and was easily mended.

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Wizard Steve
Wizard Steve
Oct 23, 2020

Well, I’m going to have a go. I’ve never done anything like it before


I absolutely love natural wooden things like this. Such a tactile material. 👍 I’m glad you are lovingly restoring them

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