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An injury and a consultation

One of the things I love about the Wintertime in particular, is chopping wood. It’s not just Winter, to be fair, but I think Winter is partcularly relevant. Chopping wood is great exercise. It pumps oxygen into the bloodstream and warms the body, ready for the rest of the day. Unless it’s too wet, in which case, if I get desperate, I have a stash of firewood on the truck for emergencies, I wander over to the woods to forage my firewood. When I get back, I make a cup of tea, then set to work.

I snap all the twigs and the like for kindling. I have two bags for that; small, fire starter twigs and thicker stuff for once the fire is ablaze. I then break the slightly thicker stuff, to start with, by hand, then over my leg. I don’t use my knee as it’s knackered, mainly from breaking wood! Anything that doesn’t break easily, I put to one side. I then use a hand axe to chop those lengths into bite-size pieces; around 4” to 6”.

With the thicker stuff, what doesn’t snap, I twat against the path/road, concrete or any similar hard surface. Again, anything that doesn’t snap to the size I need, I put to one side. I then use a bow saw to cut those to size.

I use the bow saw to cut thick branches. Any logs that are too thick for the burner, I split with an axe head. I use the head like a wedge. One good wack with the back of the hand axe normally does the job. Then, with the tree trunks, I go straight for the chainsaw and split with a 20lb axe. I used to use a splitting axe, but find my felling axe does the job excellently.

I don’t have loads of safety equipment. I prefer to use common sense. I know how dangerous tools are and I respect them. I find that people who use loads of safety equipment become complacent. That’s when injuries start to happen.*

However, last week, I did injure myself. Not with the chainsaw, I hasten to add. I’ve never injured myself with that, except once or twice when I’ve nicked my finger testing the sharpness after sharpening the chain! Daft, I know. No, I was chopping the less thicker stuff with the hand axe. I landed the axe, snapped the wood, the section that broke off, somersaulted upwards and thumped me just an inch from my eye! It was like being hit by a large dart or small arrow. It hurt! I was extremely lucky! I still have a bit of a scab and a black eye as I write this.

I got a phone call a couple of days ago. It was the hospital. I was told that I am next in line for the hernia operation. I was offered a consultation appointment at 10:30 the next morning! Not much notice. I’m guessing that they must’ve had a cancellation.

I arrived at the hospital in good time and waited to be seen. Eventually, an hour later, I saw a consultant. He examined me and declared that the hernia was very small. That pleased me. That means the herbs are working! He went through what the procedure is, then asked me whether I had any questions. I told him that I have a heart condition; that I have two stents. He was flabbergasted that I take no pharmaceutical drugs. I also told him that I have not had any anti-virus vaccinations. He then told me that I would not be able to have the operation without it! I said, “OK. No problem. I’ll go without, then. Thanks for your time.” Then he said, “Hang on. I’ll check to see if I’m right.” He then made a ‘phone call.

After a short conversation, the consultant asked whether I would be willing to have a swab to test for the COVID virus prior to the operation. I said, “No problem. It’s harmless.” He then completed the consent form which I was then required to sign. I asked him whether he knew when I was likely to be called in for the operation. “In about three months or so.”!

At that rate, I may be healed by then! Hopefully. I just need to find time to relax in order for the healing process to work. All the time I’m busy doing things, I’m not resting. The trouble is, if I don’t work, nothing gets done. Catch-22.

*Needless to say, this is not advice and should not be taken as such! I am not responsible for other people’s actions. I have merely related my own actions.

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