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Angels and demons

People are strange. There are complete brainless tossers on the one hand and loving caring sentients on the other. The other evening some boy-racer lads came past hollering some illegible crap and leaning on the horn. They also threw a bottle of water at the caravan. Later, sometime around midnight, I watched quietly as some younger lads snooped around and shone a torch through the doorway. They were startled by the cats, then skidaddled as soon as they realised that I was there. The next morning, a bloke walked past litter picking. We got chatting and I made a cup of tea. He said that I was known for keeping my pitch clean and tidy and that it is appreciated. He offered to collect any rubbish I have as they come pass in the dustcart.

In the meantime, I have a couple of Angels in Stuart and Kayleigh who stop by daily for a cup of tea. They always give me enough weed to see me through the day, they’re always gifting me stuff, including food and meals and often go and buy provisions. They won’t even let me pay for any of the shopping. They never want anything in return. They’ve even threatened to pay for the parts I need to get my truck back on the road! I am invited to a wake at the end of August which I would dearly love to get to. The caravan will be ready to tow, but the truck still needs work, plus an M.o.T. and time is getting short. I’m not panicking. The Universe will provide if it is meant to be. Unfortunately, despite the amazing response I got from the ad./post I published on Fb, very little work has come my way.

Stuart and Kayleigh got a taste of some of the prejudice I receive. A couple of evenings on from the bottle-throwing incident a car drove by from which a full beaker of McD. cola, complete with ice was launched. It exploded on impacting the back of my caravan, showering Kayleigh with it’s contents as she sat drinking tea and minding her own business, chatting. We had not long enjoyed a meal of toad-in-the-hole that I had cooked for us.

I don’t know what reason anyone has for that type of behaviour. Maybe they’re jealous of my freedom. Maybe they think that I’m just a scrounging junkie. Whatever. What they never consider is that perhaps I’m a peaceful older man who just wants to live in peace any way he chooses and without causing any harm. Anyway, hey-ho, their Karma will catch up with them in due course.

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